SQF Training

SQF training is designed to overview the principles of SQF. SQF training is required for management and employees to understand the development and implementation process. The SQF courses offered are:
SQF Overview Training (1 day)
This 1 day course; is designed for food safety representatives, management and employees in general to review the principles of SQF, its implementation, and maintenance.
We will briefly review the applicable elements and modules, how to comply with SQF code and the difference between level 2 and 3.
SQF Internal auditor Training (2 Days)
An internal auditing program is a fundamental requirement for the SQF Code. Effective internal audits are key to maintain the SQF certification. Internal audits are also critical to ensuring the effectiveness of the SQF program. This course helps you understand the SQF system requirements regarding internal auditing. At the end of the course, you will be able to:
  • Plan an internal audit of your SQF program in compliance

    to the SQF Code.

  • Understand the process of planning, executing, reporting and following up on audit results.
  • Use the audit results as a tool for corrective action and continual improvement.